This gallery has been created for your convenience to select your favourite images for electronic delivery (prints on special request only). Please read and follow the intructions carefully.


- click on the thumbnail images to view larger previews.
- press play icon to start slideshow.
- click anywhere to return to thumbnails page.


- select your favourite images by √ ticking the box in the top right corner of either a thumbnail or large previews
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you can review your selection by using the selection keys in top right corner of the web page.
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*TIP: (Selection data is lost once you press send), before sending your selection, go to "save pages as" in your browser menu and save to a location of your choice or take a screen shot this will enable you to keep a record of your selections.


- once you are happy with your image selection, scroll to the very bottom of the thumbnail page and fill out the resposne form.
- NOTE: unless specifically requetesd otherwise, all images will be delivered in digital , high resolution jpg format only, via FTP site HIGHTAIlL.


If you wish to order prints you must secificaly request them by clicking on the feedback icon of each image. There you can select your sizes
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- please note we are in the process of deleveloping a shopping cart option, in the menatime once we received your order we will issue you an invocie with variuous paymnet options. This can take upto 48hrs
- once payment has cleared we will process the images and deliver them to you in the requested format(s)